Children’s Home Project (Nell & Willem Home)

SLOPB started the Orphanage project in March 2000. The project was initiated by the founder of the organization from his self perception to provide shelter, food and other needful basic elements to the distressed orphan children. There are children in the community who lost their parents and do not have anybody to take care of them. Because of the helpless condition, they often find refuge in street begging or domestic servants or sometimes step back to a dark corner of the society and thus most of them slide into a miserable or sub-human life. SLOPB initiated the project to support them to make them good citizens of the society and lead a life of good human being. SLOPB established its first home in 2000 at Gazimzi, Nurayinpur in Bauphal Upazila with 12 small children. In 2004 a new home was established to accommodate the boys in a separate home. The children are being provided with the support as they should get from their own family. SLOPB provides food, shelter, clothes, medication, education and other amenities needed to let them grow smoothly into self dependant respectable social personalities.

The objectives of the Children’s Home in support of the children are

• To provide with food, shelter, clothes, and other needful amenities for safe and secure life
• To provide basic education for future growth and identify their potentials
• To provide training on life skills to support their survival & livelihoods
• To support higher education and training for better future.
• To reduce the child marriage in the adjacent area.

Major Activities

A total of 40 children were accommodated in both the Nell and Willem Homes 1 and 2. Among the inmates 20 are boys and 20 are girls. Homes are separate and for boys and girls. Initially children without a mother and father from the age of 3 to 9 years were enrolled in both the homes. However, following the changed approach apart from the orphanage poor but meritorious children aged from 12 years are allowed to get admission .Children are enjoying their livelihoods with satisfaction. Services made available to the inmates are basic and necessary for a healthy life The children are admitted in the neighboring schools for their formal education. Each of the orphanages has it’s large poultry and cattle farms and fish ponds for training of the children and livelihood support. Income earned from the farming activities are used to support part of the operational costs. The orphanages/children have it’s play grounds with amusement facilities. Plots of agriculture around the orphanage are set up for skill development of the orphans. The children are also provided with training on poultry farming, fish cultivation, computer education, tailoring, embroidery, and Batik printing etc. so that upon leaving the home they are able to sustain themselves.

The major activities of the project include

o Support children with food, education, medication, housing, clothing and amusement
o Support children with skill development training
o Support children to be socially and economically integrated with the wider world

Children on Higher Studies

Twenty two Students who completed their Secondary School Certificate Exam from Bauphal Model High School have been shifted from the Orphanage Homes and admitted in Different Educational Institutes in Dhaka or other districts to have Diploma or technical courses since there is no institute in Bauphal where they can complete their Diploma or technical education. In the year 2016 (January to December) 11 children passed the SSC exam and got admission for further education.


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