Ingrid Memorial Hospital (IMH)

LOPB Bangladesh established its Child health and Maternity Clinic (CMC) in Shibpur village of Kalisuri union under Bauphal Upazila with the objective of reducing the mortality & morbidity of pregnant mothers and new-born babies, improving the care during pregnancy and lactating period and providing medical treatment and services to the community on a cost effective and recovery basis with a goal for self sustaining operation over a period of time.Having that objectives the CMC was initially funded by the Men’s’ club fashion, the Netherlands and started functioning from 14th September 2001. Since then, other institutional donors including Smavi, Max foundation and Stone Fashion jointly are financing the project. Meanwhile one the funder member of the hospital Ms. Ingrid Weijters has died in 2013 due to cancer, thus, in the memory of her name the CMC’s name has been changed as Ingrid Memorial Hospital(IMH) ,Number of organizations and individuals are also supporting the IMH by providing equipments such as Ultrasound machine , X-Ray Machine etc. to provide quality services to the people live in the Bauphal Upazilla which is the second largest Upazila of Patuakhali district. About 3, 50,000 people live in 14 unions of Bauphal Upazila and there is only one government health complex to provide the health services for the people but that health complex is not medically well equipped, thus, IMH is playing a vital role in providing health services to the people.

Since the begging the IMH is trying to realize the objective of cost recovery by charging a minimum price for each services, but, in most cases IMH had to provide service to the poor people by free of costs and still the IMH is depending on the donors funding for its operation and service, however, considering the current donor funding opportunity and development trend this sorts of charity is difficult to continue rather it needs to adopt some effective strategy to generate income for the IMH to become self sustained to continue providing services.Following the plan the IMH has taken initiatives to expand its services and considering the need a Cesarean Unit (OT) is established which was funded by the Stone Fashions, Netherlands.

This well equipped Operation Theater has been found very effective for the community especially for the pregnant mothers who does not need tom go to far way for their Cesarean Section. The objectives of the IMH program are to reduce the mortality & morbidity of pregnant mothers and new-born babies, to improve the care during pregnancy and lactating period and to give medical support during delivery and emergency time. The IMH has two qualified M.B.B.S Doctors, three Nurses, three technical staffs for X-Ray & Pathological Laboratory, one accountant and 5 administrative support staffs. The IMH has established an effective referral system with the well-equipped hospitals in Barisal and Dhaka to handle the complicated cases.

New scope of services;

Ambulance service for the IMH

Since the project “See and Treat” has been implementing activities based in the IMH to serve the women and adolescents to prevent their cervical and breast cancer all the women and adolescents are going through the necessary tests who are attending the IMH but for the wider coverage this project made a provision for an ambulance for conducting the outreach clinic and in average 3 days in a week has been agreed to organize that outreach clinic. Thus, the ambulance is not required for the remaining days of the week and it has been agreed with the donors that the off days for the out reach clinics that ambulance will serve the IMH and its patients for referring for better treatment in medical college hospital or government hospitals as it needs to go to either Patualjkail or Barisal hospitals which are far away from the local area.

Since April 2014 this ambulance services are available and meanwhile it has been fund very effective for the critical patients who needs further treatment and needs ambulance for safe travelling. Local people are using the ambulance by paying a costs which is necessary to ensure its fuel and maintenance. A total of 40-50 out department & 1-2 indoor patients on average are receiving treatment from the Medical staffs in the clinic each day. The Doctors also do minor operations like abscess, Lipoma, Fibroma etc. The IMH has well equipped pathological laboratory, X-ray facilities & Ultra-sonogram for providing these services to the patients

The major activities of the IMH include:

• Management of out door patients
• Management of indoor patients
• Antenatal check up of pregnant mother
• Postnatal check up of mother
• Growth monitoring of under-5 children
• Health education
• Pathological services
• X-ray service
• USG service
• Normal vaginal delivery
• Minor surgery


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