Micro Finance Program (Integration of SLDP, Empowerment and Micro credit Project)

PNGOs for the socio economic development of the poor community people including the capacity building of PNGOs in 1997. The project continued up to 2004.In 2003 SLOPB started EMPOWERMENT project. The goal of the project is to empower the hardcore poor people through involving them in various basic income-generating activities.The project is intended to improve the socio-economic conditions of beneficiaries. SLOPB Bangladesh is implementing the Micro Credit Project whereby the beneficiaries are being provided with small amount of loan along with technical assistance for assisting the beneficiaries in undertaking different kinds of income generating activities Besides this, SLOPB started SLDP-2 (Smallholder Livestock Development) project at Bauphal in 2002 and at Dashmina in 2005 through the financial assistance of DANIDA and technical assistance of Govt. Livestock Dept. Smallholder Livestock Development Project-2 supported poultry rearing initiatives for small scale income generation. The project provided for technical and financial supports to the poor people for poverty alleviation and capacity building of the poor.

Currently the Microcredit program has been expanded its area and three unit offices in Kalisuri, Bauphal and Dasmina is operating the program with 20 staffs. The program is being implemented in line with the MRA rules and regulations and serving people to improve their livelihood. Although the SLDP-2 project duration is over and DANIDA & Govt. Livestock Dept have stopped providing assistance, SLOPB was able to continue the project and then merged it with Microcredit Project

The major activities of the project include:

• Beneficiary selection
• Village Organization formation
• Savings creation
• Credit support
• Technical assistance
• Credit realization


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