See and Treat Project


Ingrid Memorial Hospital (IMH) is situated in Shibpur, village of Kalishuri union under Bauphal Upazilla which is the second largest Upazila of Patuakhali district of Bangladesh. About 3, 50,000 people live in 14 unions of Bauphal Upazila and there is only one government health complex to provide the health services for the people but that health complex is not medically well equipped, thus, IMH is playing a vital role in providing health services to the people. Since this IMH has been established by Mr. Motalib Weijters and Ms. Ingrid Weijters and being supported by them to expand its area of services, however, in March 2013 Ms. Ingrid had died due to cancer and SLOPB management has decided to change the CMC’s name as “Ingrid Memorial Hospital (IMH)” as a tribute to the memory of Ms. Ingrid. Considering the necessity of the people living in the Bauphal area SLOPB has been providing medical services through indoor and outdoor patient management. Although the IMH started mainly working for child and maternal health care but gradually it has expanded its area of services on other area of medical services, however, in October 2012 while the Female Cancer Foundation Netherlands visited the IMH and provided an introduction of the “See and Treat” method,

it was found to be a very important intervention for the IMH to provide the service to the rural women living in the Bauphal area as like as many other developing country/area where women are not aware on the cervical and breast cancer , its preventive measures or treatment etc. which may cause a high prevalence of the cervical and breast cancer . Therefore, considering the importance of preventing cervical and breast cancer and needs for treatment both SLOPB and Female Cancer Foundation agreed to setup a sustainable See and Treat program based in IMH. Initially the FCF provided the training to the staff members of the IMH to carry out the program as piloting and it has been found very effective. Therefore, finally the program has been finalized as long term project for the period of July 2013- June 2018 to make sure a sustainable program is established in the Bauphal area for making changes in preventing cervical and breast cancer.

Overview : Project objectives and targets


1. To organize cervical cancer” See and Treat” program during 5 years in the Mother and Child Clinic and in the outreach Satellite Clinics.
2. To organize screening of Cervical and Breast Cancer and aware the community on the prevention of Breast Cancer.
3. To provide regular training to health care personnel by international FCF team according to train the principle trainer.
4. To implement a broad spectrum of activities and networking including collaboration with Governmental referral centers and to provide regular feedback and follow-up of positive cases for scaling up and sustainability of the project.


Screening with VIA( Visual Inspection with acetic acid) and treatment if necessary for 18000 women( 18-60 years) attending the health care facilities of SLOPB. The catchment area will be in the project area of SLOPB Health and Sanitation and EPIA projects and patients and their attendants coming to the Ingrid Memorial Hospital ( IMH) and surrounding of the southern part of Bangladesh through satellite clinics.


Screening and Treatment in Single visit approach

Following the plan the project is conducting indoor clinic and outreach clinic to provide treatment as single visit approach through VIA Tests/screening for the eligible women ( 18-60 years) and if it is found positive then treat through Kryotheraphy. Through out the project period the screening and treatment will be continuing to cover 80% of the eligible women living in Bauphal Upazila to prevent Cervical Cancer and Breast Cancer.

Awareness program

Apart from the screening program awareness sessions on the cervical cancer and breast cancer have been conducted for the female patients and their attendants coming to IMH for medical services, mass gathering through cultural program and courtyard meetings in the community Through these sessions local men and women will be knowing about the importance of screening process to prevent the cervical cancer and will be attending the clinics accordingly.

According to plan Girls schools and Colleges are also selected for awareness program with the girls studying in 9th , 10th , 11th and 12th standard ( they are mostly in age group of 14-22 yrs) to make them aware and volunteers groups will be formed with those girls who would be disseminating the information to their family and peer groups and they will motivate their family members to visit IMH for screening.


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